Golf is not a team Sport, but to become great, you need a Team behind you, helping you battle through the tough times.  Professionals will make the correct decisions for you, so that all you need to do, is focus on giving it all the power you’ve got. Every decision has its own way. Every decision will bring you to a different result. And this is why we are here to make that part easier for you.

The Athletic Sport Academy consists of three Professionals, each one of them being well recognized in its line of work. Its the goals that we reach with our clients, that separates us from the other programs.

Our leading Golf Professional in our Academy is Diplom. Martin Stanič  with a Fully Qualified PGA Status, and with recognition from the
T-Performance Center in California USA, and a Full Qualification from the TPI Assessment, TPI Junior & TPI Power studies he is as well an Elite Coaching Gold Coast Australia Student.

Martin Stanič, born in 15.03.1989 has been living a sports life ever since. He has played all together about 10 different sports, competitively but has stick too one that has taken his heart for ever. The name of the sport is ofcourse Golf. The self disciplined and adrenalin fueled Sport, is the sport which he decided to study, understand the depths of each movement and spread joy to people wanting to start with Golf. He himself had played for about 10 years in the Slovene National Team, getting vital information on the development of swing characteristics and club development. Now his mission is to build something great for the Junior Golf. Something that has not been made before in this part of Europe. Combining the best, bringing them to one place, and making the change in the Sport of Golf.

Dr. Mitja Bračič, expert in sports diagnostics and planning, and the management of modern controlled methods of training and special preparation for injuries. The development of modern diagnostic methods in the world is intense and connected with an increasing number of specialized research institutions. New diagnostic procedures in sport are products of high technologies and expert knowledge of sports medicine, biocybernetics, biomechanics, kinesiology, physiology, biochemistry, physiotherapy, genetics and other disciplines. With all of hid experience Dr. Bračič will be a vital part of the Academy taking care that our Athletes have the best possible plan for executing their plans for the future. With his experiences with Olympic Athletes and many professional Athletes over the whole world, he will be able to give us support that has not yet been seen before in Golf.

Ing. Vilijem Kern , is a master of Perfection when it comes to Golf Clubs. He is a private owner of Kern d.o.o Tool Technology & Fitting Lab. 
     With a high recognition over the world for his build perfection, he is regarded to many to be the Top 50 Club fitters in the world. With all of his high tech equipment being used for the measurement of every shafts, perfect the center of gravity in irons, find the correct swing weight with digital scales, and much more. Because of all of this positive factors, some of the best players come to Viljem, to get their Golf Clubs Fit in a proper way. Out there in the free world, there are too many mistakes happening, that should be taken care of for the best performance of a young Athlete or a Hobby Golfer. All aspects of club analyze and fitting are needed to maximize performance, so you cant go wrong.

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