We have one chance to do it right with our young Athletes, and that is the  name of the game. Having professionals you can trust on your side is what we are all about. A Fully Qualified Golf Professional will guide the young athletes into discovering all aspects of Golf. With the help of one of the Top 50 Fitters in the World, Golf Clubs will be a part of the Game that will help us get better, and will prevent the Injuries that might be very costly for a young athlete. On the other-side we have a very experienced Sport Doctor Mitja Bracic which will develop the Juniors bodies with specific Instrumental Measurements that will give us information about which part of the body will be most needing for muscle development. This way we avoid injuries and are helping the Young Athlete develop its mind and soul in to a health body. 

Trainings will be based in Winter and in Summer. Special Training Camps will be also announced under the Menu (Training Camps).

Golf Professional Martin Stanic will be making plans with each player individually, to determine the Goal and Time that each player would like to invest in to Golf. This way the Goals will be Achieved. 

More information, coming soon !